Edward Moringe Sokoine

Taking a look at the rising sun, wishing that the time was behind,
I don’t know if I can, flash back and rewind..

My elder and my brother, my role model heart,
My dearest father, but right now we are apart.

Born in 1938, a man of the people,
Indeed it was a fate, being admired by couples.

Wishing to fade tears, and turn my ink astray,
With his short survival years, I still cherish him today.

A true son of our soil, the greatest patriot of our country,
He managed to toil, by widening our entry.

Whatever he thought, whatever he fixed,
Whatever he has brought, may his soul rest in peace.

Loved since before, admired till today,
The late Mwalimu Nyerere, admired his way.

He was the epitome of hard work, an action oriented,
His sincerity and luck, indeed was cemented.

He hated embezzlers, saboteurs and terrors,
If you were his member, you shouldn’t cause tears.

Indecisive workers and managers, lost their friendship,
He was there for villagers, by fighting their hardship.

A prime minister for Tanzania, the head of government,
He was sincere, a man with commitment.

Fought against transport problems, corruption and all sorts of vices,
He stood for the national emblem, rules and license.

He vowed to improve agriculture, and government subsidies,
He fought for the future, and for the people’s hobbies.

Rewarded the university of agriculture, as a prove of appreciation,
He preserved our culture, with his love and determination.

Indeed he had to promise, what he could fulfill,
He would never miss, what he had to fill.

Its a fracture to our nation, losing a great hero,
And his determination, of building tomorrow.

Would I wish to spend a day, explaining much about him,
I would wish to stay, and rarely congratulate him.

Neither a bundle of books, nor an institute of knowledge,
Can define his works, can define his courage.

May God raise his soul, directly to heaven,
On behalf of all, may he be forgiven.

Its a door to everyone, to conquer his ways,
Whatever he has done, in brightening our days.

Respect to Edward Moringe Sokoine, respect to who raised him,
Respect to Edward Moringe Sokoine, respect to who respect him.

I hope it’s challenging, and a way to stand,
Because this is the beginning, and not an end.

Thanks to TYVA, for working with us in hand,
What I have to say, this is my END!

Zainab Abdallah

Multi-talented...eager to know, learn & share experiences and challenges..determined, committed and inspired to bring changes to heal the world!

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