Editorial: Africa’s Stories Told through African Eyes

Feint & Margin is a weekly, online, Pan-African publication featuring writings and thoughts from Ordinary Africans who have Extraordinary minds. We represent the True Voice of the African Citizen.  F&M believes that our African story deserves to be told by Africans. Our tag line ‘Ordinary Lives, Extraordinary Minds’ has been cemented by our new contributors  who are passionate about their lives, communities and Africa.  They are  young Africans living ordinary lives with extraordinary minds. Sharp, witty and opinionated they express their ideas through spoken word poetry,  photography, short stories and  opinion pieces.

We have introduced new features including a ‘Food Corner’ where African food is given a modern and healthy twist. Our ‘Reviews’ section will include reviews on book, arts and culture and fashion.

Our Interviews promise to give our readers insights into Africa’s young change makers,  all of whom are making a difference. These young people represent a new breed of Africans reshaping our continent.

We review a book written by Tawiah Aboagye titled ‘The Africa Within’. Miranda Quainoo reminds us about why Africans need to tell their stories in an article titled ‘African Story told the African Way‘ .

In our Food Corner we introduce healthier alternatives to cooking our tasty African foods this week we focus on ‘Healthy Ways to Cook Plantain’. Siki Dlanga writes about what freedom means to her in a poem titled “Take Your Freedom and Smoke it” Sesu Tilley-Gyado touches on Nigeria’s recent civil unrest in ‘Marie Antoinette Visits Us From the Grave’. Siphokazi Jonas, a spoken word poet shares a poem titled  ‘Yesterday I Cut Myself‘ and Zainab Abdallah from Tanzania pays tribute to the late ‘Edward Moringe Sokoine’  former Prime Minister of Tanzania. Photographer and Founder of Fashionista GH Ob Abenser gives us a series of video’ Fashion Diaries‘ with some of Ghana’s up and coming Fashion Designers.

In 2010 South Africa was given the stage to showcase Fifa’s Soccer World Cup. The world was provided with a glimpse into Africa, a platform to tell our story.  It is my hope that this trend continues, not only in the world of sports but in business, arts and culture, science and technology. It is time Africans told their stories the African way.

Feint and Margin is making a small contribution to Africa through the stories which are unfolding on our continent, told by Young African contributors. We invite you on this journey of rediscovery. Let us Explore our African stories through the eyes of F&M!

Kate Nkansa-Dwamena Editor-in-Chief, Feint & Margin

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Kate Tutu

Social Entrepreneur,Business Consultant, Editor of Feint & Margin, a young woman who's passionate about Africa's people and development.

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