Editorial: Challenge Your Perspective

A week has passed since F&M’s re-launch and I have been in high spirits and encouraged by the positive feedback received from our readers.

As part of my editorial duties, I have to read countless articles and submission from young African writers wishing to contribute to our publication.  I am truly privileged to be in this position as it forces me to challenge my views on so many social issues.

I find it inspirational, to know just how powerful the next generation of Young African leaders  will be.  The future for Africa’s Leadership is bright. We have intelligent, articulate and extraordinary young minds passionate about our continent, this is very evident just by reading the articles from our contributors. I am constantly having my perspective shifted and reshaped by reading some of our contributor’s submissions.  At times I have no choice but to quietly nod in agreement where moments earlier, I would have disagreed.

This week challenge the way you perceive things especially on issues which affect and determine the future of our continent.
Siki Dlanga provides us with a unusual perspective on nepotism. She writes an article titled, The Righteousness of Nepotism. She makes a very strong case about the role of Nepotism in an African context.

Mugabe Ratshikuni, former editor of F&M shares his perspective on Africa’s Central Role in the Development of World Civilization. He gives us a very realistic challenge to learn about how African intellectuals contributed to the development of the World’s Civilisation and how we were not always spectators in development and advancements.

In our Reviews section we put a spotlight on a South African Band called Mo and the Dark Nights this band is truly unique and they succeed in breaking all the molds, reshaping our perspective on music I love their sound because its so easy to listen to.  Mo and the Dark nights are in line to open for the legendary Usher Raymond in the Hansa Pilsner Search for a Band Festival. To help them win, visit www.hansapilsener.co.za  register and vote!

How can I forget about Valentine’s Day, our newest contributor Sylvia Gichohi provides us with a practical guide on how to survive all the drama and possible heartache  from St. Valentines in an article titled After Valentine’s Day.

Maame Tandoh writes about Ghana’s Central Bank’s latest reforms affecting Ghana’s banking system in ‘As Safe as a Bank’

Nstane Nstane gives us his perspective on The State of our Nation  (South Africa).

We have more articles from writers across our continent, take a few moments to visit our website and be prepared to have your perceptions changed by Extraordinary Minds!


Kate Nkansa-Dwamena


Kate Tutu

Social Entrepreneur,Business Consultant, Editor of Feint & Margin, a young woman who's passionate about Africa's people and development.