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This week’s featured videos are: Kony 2012: From a Ugandan Perspective and  Highlights of the Arise Magazine Fashion Week 2012

Tawiah Aboagye shares a very thought provoking poem which was inspired by Ghana’s 55th year celebration of  independence. His poem is titled An Anthem for Independence.  Are we really free?

Siphokazi Jonas’ poem is titled  Exodus.

Douglas Sappor provides us with some practical Make up Tips .

Joel Maine shares his views about South Africa’s Leadership Gap and the hope shared by many at the end of the apartheid era  in an article titled The Leadership Gap- A South Africa we Could Have

Mugabe Ratshikuni’s contribution in this week’s edition touches on the lost dreams of our youth due to the realities of poverty and surviving in South Africa. His article is titled An Africa of Dreamers

Siki Dlanga’s hard-hitting article is about the issues of homosexuality in Africa. Do we really have the full story about the homosexual lifestyle? Is there a danger? It is titled Gay? Honestly?

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Last week’s editorial highlighted the power we have as young people when we speak with a collective voice. I used the example of the Kony 2012 Campaign initiated by the Advocacy group called Invisible Children. The video has inspired many especially young Africans to speak out and tell their stories. There has been a lot of criticism surrounding this campaign to have Kony arrested by December 31, 2012. Many have dismissed the group Invisible Children and have questioned their motives for their Campaign. Some young Africans have voiced their concerns about the West meddling in the affairs of Africa and trying to be our Saviour.  We have differing opinions on the matter. One lesson I have learned is that in all situations, whether good or bad, there are lessons we can draw from and apply it in our lives. What the Kony 2012, campaign has taught me, is the ability, power, and potential we have as young people. When we set our minds to achieve a goal, effect change, and make a difference by working together and making use of the various platforms thanks to the digital age we live. We can change the world and make it better!

I hope this video inspires you to do something positive and different this week.

In support of an initiative #RandomActsOfKindnessWeek started on the Facebook Page by Steven Adusei Photography . Our challenge this week is for you to go out and to show a stranger a random act of kindness. Send us  (kate@feintandmargin.com) your letters, articles, videos and photos about your stories of experiencing random acts of kindness or giving it to someone in need.



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