Echoes of Life

The echoes of gun fires which brought shivers down our spine when first heard at dawn, is now the melodies that accompanies our feast when we sit to dine as a family The echoes of life… rob souls in every single strike. The echoes… Now louder than when we first heard Now monstrous than a beast with double head Now devastating like a mother with no breast is now the lullaby, that puts our children to peaceful rest The echoes of life… The finality of the bond with strife Is accomplished in every single strike The echoes… Have turned the sun so drab Rendered the moon and the clouds, far apart The stars, in fear of the echoes dart. For every single strike ends a life A gruesome strife were the echoes that visited us at night For each echo, was intended to rob a life Those echoes… were echoes of life
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Tawiah Aboagye

I'm cool and Poetic, Author of the play The African Within.

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