…Easier to Say…

It’s so much easier to say I don’t care anymore,

so much easier to say I don’t feel anymore,

or I don’t want this or that anymore,

so much easier to even say I can’t love anymore,

or I’ve giving up on this or on that…

The truth is I do care, I do feel, I do want, I do need,

but most of all I do love…


I’m just tired of this bullshit game we play…

Egotistical maniacs we endure so much

and fail to empathize wit each other in the name of past failures and mistakes,

hurt by others, disappointments, betrayal, deception and so on.

A crazy world  we live in, so many obstacles to deal with both mental and physical….

I’m so fatigue, fed up, outraged, vigorously drained out….

but I refuse to allow myself to be changed for the worse because of my past experiences….

I am, I will, I can, I do, I’m free…..

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