Delle Would’ve Suspended Dr Kwame Nkrumah

After days of intense pressure from the CPP Youth League(Fighters) on the party chairman to respect the administrative structures and do the right thing regarding the ‘radio suspension’ that has been handed to the Commander-in-Chief, Ernesto Yeboah, a letter has finally been delivered regarding the matter.

The Commander-in-Chief has therefore referred the said letter to the Legal Affairs Command of the Youth League for action. Meanwhile, we the Youth of the party will like to state for the records that, we are strongly opposed to this action in principle. This is because of its lack of utilitarian value for the Party and the negative repercussions on efforts to focus on garnering votes for the CPP in the imminent polls scheduled possibly for November. The Youth are certainly displeased with the application of the letter of the party’s constitution to protect some elements, while effectively betraying the spirit of Nkrumahism, which must be the bedrock of all political thinking and action in the CPP. However, in the wisdom of two wrongs not making a right, the Youth will not indulge the continued confusion they are being baited into. This is why CiC Ernesto Yeboah has rightly referred the letter to the Legal Affairs Command of the Youth League to seek advice and to act accordingly as the supreme document of the party (which is the constitution) demands.

The Youth will however continue to make it very clear to well meaning members of the CPP and Ghanaians that, the fight against corruption (as is evident in the Ford Saga); Efforts to Mobilize Millions of vote for a party ( As was laid down in the “Agenda 2Million Votes” document); should never be sacrificed on the altar of bureaucracy. In this regard, it is clear that the Chairman would have suspended the founder of the CPP when he declared positive action, which eventually won Ghana our independence.

With history as a guide, the Youth remain resolute in our efforts to bring clarity to the Mahama Ford issue, continue the fight against endemic corruption, and serve the Ghanaian people to mobilize towards the ever elusive paradigm of economic independence.

We also hope sooner, all elements within the great CPP fraternity will come to realize the sheer futility of feuds and pulling ranks, and work together for the resurgence of the Nkrumahist family.

We certainly cannot end this release without reiterating our sincere condolences for the victims of the Asawaase Stampede. It is our objective to bring needed pressure to bear on governing entities to ensure that the leadership of this country does the right thing, to bring an end to the rapid recurrence of such unfortunate incidents.

Commander Jason Tutu, Communication and Students Command, 0245261363 Commander Hardi Yakubu, Secretary to the Youth League, 0243931165
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