Dear Mr President

I am puzzled on who to vote for. Actually I am more irritated by the way your party ministers behave themselves. Your party constantly states why I should vote for it on the basis of avoiding putting Helen Zille into power. That does nothing for me. It’s the same thing that the DA did when they wanted votes, attacking you based on fear. Now you are allowing yourself to attack them based on prejudice, that any white party that takes power will revert back to apartheid style rulership. That says to me that you are more than willing to trade on people’s fears to get the vote. And above all, you tell me that my vote will change things, but when I do challenge any laws that you may pass that I disagree with you state that it is for the good of the country that you made the decisions you made, but I am powerless to change your mind or pertition any of the ministers to vote against what the party thinks is best. As far as democracy goes, your party does not tolerate it within its ranks, especially if it means voting against something that is lucradive/beneficial for your party members; you want the members to “tow the line”. Why can’t they break out of line if they so see fit? I ask again – why should my vote come to you?

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