Craft Presents: Our Passion Our Voice Live Concert

People with Disabilities (PWDs) often encounter attitudinal and environmental barriers that prevent their full, equal and active participation in society. These barriers encroach particularly on the wellbeing of persons with intellectual, mental, physical or multiple disabilities. Therefore it is very crucial to create an enabling environment for education and information of the general public about the inclusion of PWDs into the society and only then, can we fight poverty and bring about change. The concert “Our Passion, Our Voice” is birth from the appreciation and love of music and its mesmerizing effect on people in general. Researches show that music helps decrease pain, depression and disability and promote feelings of power. The concert “Our Passion, Our Voice” is an initiative through which the PWDs will advocate for their inclusion in the community and broaden the horizon in the eradication of poverty, acceleration of communal development and moving Ghana towards the Millennium Development Goal target of halving world poverty by 2015. The event is aimed at presenting to the Ghanaian population the most creative, entertaining, informative and educative musical performances by the PWDs from across the country. At C.R.A.F.T, we believe in the power of music “art of muses” as a tool to communicate to the general public as it opens a kind of inner space in which certain experiences can occur. Contact Cathie Lajide at or visit our website for more details.
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