CPP Youth League to CHRAJ- ‘Investigate President Mahama’

Source: Citi FM

The youth of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), has petitioned the Commission on Human Rights Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), to investigate President Mahama’s acceptance of a Ford Expedition gift from a Burkinabe contractor. The party’s youth wing argues that the circumstances surrounding the gift and the acceptance of it by President Mahama, contravened the 1992 constitution. The Burkinabe in question, Djibril Kanazoe, has been accused of ‘bribing’ President John Mahama with an expensive vehicle in an attempt to win a contract to execute a road construction project. He admitted giving President Mahama a 2010 Ford Expedition vehicle as a gift, for which the President called to thank him. Government has admitted the incident occurred but said it cannot constitute corruption or conflict of interest since the car was added to the pool of government vehicles.

The petition signed by the Secretary of the party’s Youth League, ‘Commander’ Hardi Yakubu, noted that accepting the Ford Expedition amounted to a conflict of interest situation, and has called on CHRAJ to institute a formal investigation into the matter to establish their claims. The CPP youth also want clarification over whether a gift given to a government official may be classified as a bribe. The Progressive People’s Party (PPP), has also served notice it will petition CHRAJ to investigate the matter.

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