Can a nation

How to blend

Romanticism and realism

Idealism and pragmatism

an inherent contradiction

Yet necessary for ultimate fulfillment

Can a nation be inspired

To rise above reality

Can a people be motivated

To count the cost

Can surrendered destinies be redeemed

Can forsaken legacies be rescued

What does it take to live beyond your world

Where will it end

When all is said and done

Will a nation awake

Respond to the call

Is it wise to seek for external redemption

Or are the answers within us

Even that seems a tad humanistic

Where can one go

In the search for hope

How come it is easier to let go

Than to take hold of purpose

What will history make of us

Are we to arise, awaken to  a new dawn

Or shall the voices of despair prevail

Can a nation be turned around

To the cause of progress

Is it prophets we need

Or humble servants

Mugabe Ratshikuni

introverted, shy, nothing to write home about

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