Assin South Sails Sabina to Victory

The former DCE of Assin South, Sabina Appiah Kubi, swept aside the current DCE to become the parliamentary candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Though many political analysts predicted a tough race due to the incumbency advantage of the DCE, constituency members both in the NDC and the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) had a different opinion prior to the polls. They were of the conviction that Sabina would cruise to victory based on her pedigree and mass appeal in the community. Ultimately, the outcome of the primaries was consistent with the wish of the people.

Assin South, which formerly could be safely described as an NPP strong hold can no longer be viewed as such. Sabina, through a systematic grassroots style of mass organization uncharacteristic of Ghanaian politics, has managed to whittle down the NPP’s fortunes in the constituency from the very lofty margin of 29.5% in 2004 to a lowly 5.02% in 2012.

Through the formation of community cooperatives and women empowerment groups, as well as scholarship support for the needy, this maverick female politician has changed the entire landscape of politicking in Assin South. Her unparalleled conflict resolution skills which she deployed to resolve a number of chieftaincy disputes in the area has won her the unflinching support of the chiefs and people of the area.

sabina appiah kubi

Though it came across as a rare feat to have constituents contributing both in cash and kind to support her campaign, she said it didn’t surprise her as much; though she remains most grateful. According to Sabina, her sustainability based entrepreneurship schemes for women while she was DCE made it possible for the people to have the means to support her campaign efforts. She holds that true investments in the people and the community are investments that will benefit both leaders and the citizens forever – and the goodwill shown by her constituents is a classic example of such.

Interviews in the constituency revealed that her radical infrastructure projects and the revival of communal spirit during her single term as DCE have made her the apple of the eye for many. “Sabina built Schools, Clinics, Bridges, Road Networks, and a Market Centre, that I can see with my eyes. Because of these things we can never turn our back on her” said a constituent. A worker at the District Assembly disclosed that, though their area was not captured for rural electrification during her time in office, she lobbied that for them. He also added that her singular ability to bring a court to their district, as a result cutting down on the age old tedium of having to travel all the way to and from Cape Coast is a great feat which is still admired highly by the people.

Central region, Assin South Parliamentary Results 2000-2012

Central region, Assin South Parliamentary Results 2000-2012

According to deep throat sources in the constituency, the continuous attrition of the NPP’s fortunes by Sabina in the area sent Professor Dominic Fobih into an unplanned retirement from Parliamentary Politics. While the people of Assin South are not sure about the outcome of next year’s elections, there is one thing which for them remains certain; they will vote Sabina Appiah Kubi as Member of Parliament to continue her great works for them.

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