Anthem for Independence

Year’s rolls into decades
As the bones of our forefathers decay
with the hopes and dreams once upheld
… Selfishness and greed feed on what is left
Fame is now bestowed upon the confident thief
who rob the souls of masses, of soothing dream

We are free!
So they say

They sing words of sweetness
Words of perfection that elevates the soul
to a world of hopelessness
They leave us thirsting after pious hope
and unnatural kindness

We are free
So they say

Once captured into slavery
We cried… FREEDOM!
So fought they, our forefathers to set us free
We were free

But years wearied the bones of our forefathers
Leaving their aspirations light as feathers
The throne of leadership flew about like a little bird
Perched at the doorstep
of them who hunger and thirst after wealth
Who in all things, their interest must come first
Even the land they will deny of breath

Yet we are free
At least…
So they say

When our slave master’s must tell us the state of our dream first
we are free
When we wait upon them to quench our thirst
we are free
When now, in all things we seek ‘their’ consent
At least…
We are still free
So they say

Can’t you see?
That we are free of hopes and dreams
Purged of the very air we breathe
we still are free
For now we beg at our own dispense to serve them
So we are free
Independent indeed

Tawiah Aboagye

I'm cool and Poetic, Author of the play The African Within.

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