African Child

Oh God! This is all because of you…

Oh God! Please brighten my view…

Oh God! Please help me through…

Oh God! I love you too…

Where I came from is unbelievable!

Knowing my home is unpredictable!

Speaking of my tone is unobservable!

Where I shall be gone…is unreliable!


Since the first day…

When life I was given,

What I can say…

I wish I was in heaven!


Life to me was tough!

Though my parents were alive…

My ambitions became rough,

I had nowhere to strive!


I begun child labor,

When I was so… young!

I worked for my neighbors,

By closing up my tongue.


I didn’t know to speak,

My life was a hail!

I became very weak,

With what I can tell.


My father denied,

That I had his blood,

I dearly cried,

And I felt so sad.




My mother was poor…

She died with HIV,

Since it has got no cure,

I had it for free.


I became a street girl,

Fighting and stealing,

Some were annoyed,

With what I was doing.


A young to old…

Was my personality,

Silver to gold…

To me was destiny.


I had no money,

I had no food,

I walked long journey,

That no one understood


Who is my father?

I really don’t know…

Do I have a brother…?

To call him bro?!


How beautiful I was,

So…young and cool,

But ignorant of course,

Since I NEVER went to school.


Some men wanted,

To feed and raised me,

I never neglected,

I had to agree.


But their aims were not,

The way I knew…

Life was HOT!

In  real sense of view.

Zainab Abdallah

Multi-talented...eager to know, learn & share experiences and challenges..determined, committed and inspired to bring changes to heal the world!