Afenyo Markins, Don Arthur Trash Each Other

What begun on TV3 this morning, as a civil debate for Member of Parliament (MP) aspirants, plunged right into the gutters after some minutes. The debate between Hon. Alexander Kwamina Afenyo-Markin, the incumbent New Patriotic Party (NPP) MP for the Efutu constituency, and his National Democratic Congress (NDC) contender, Eric Don – Arthur, was one that left viewers with a very uncomfortable and awkward feeling.

The show which was hosted by Bridgette Otoo, saw Afenyo-Markin at the beginning selling himself as the man who represents the aspiration of the constituents. This he claims is so because of his humble beginnings and where he has risen to. Don- Arthur on the other hand contended that so much could be done for the people. He encouraged the people to be weary of a leader whose image is fraught with scandals; and to rather opt for another who comes with clean hands, clear heart and mind for the people.

The candidates continued to put across their individual efforts at helping the constituents, peppered with mild attacks on their respective personalities; until the last straw. In what seemed like a major coup d’ tat in the struggle to outwit each other; Don-Arthur produced a news paper article which showed Afenyo-Markin of defaulting on his loans from the bank. This revelation elicited a sudden and rather animated response. The latter accused Don-Arthur of being suspected to be gay. He went further and stated emphatically that Don- Arthur is actually gay. From this point, what began as a good sensed exchange of political achievements descended into the lowest of lows with the host losing control of the two.

In a collected response to Afenyo-Markin, Don Arthur revealed that he was the former’s in-law; and that he found it wrong and rather distasteful for him to accuse him of homosexuality on television without proof. Don Arthur declared that he was a proud father of  five children; a fact known to the constituents and the entire nation. He therefore questioned the sense in the accusation by Hon. Afenyo-Markin.

In the end, the host had to truncate the debate since it had become more or less a shouting bout reminiscent of a beer bar scenario.

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