A Broken Heart

Sitting all alone at the bank of a long deserted river Sun rays focused directly on me As I thought deeply of my self-inflicted stigma People yelled but I repelled

Thinking I was wise I neglected advise Blinded by love Yet still unblinded by this love

Leaving me with a strange feeling A bizarre feeling Do you know what it feels like to be torn out of your own skin? Skin deep that you cannot feel a tic tac of the rhythm of your heart beat

Yet you call this love If this is what love is all about I’d rather fall into a pit than fall in love. Ilepe Akinola.

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Akinola Ilepe

I’m a passionate, optimistic, disciplined and dedicated man who takes up responsibilities with utmost enthusiasm and see to it that I complete my tasks and assignments in time. I’ve a great amount of perseverance to achieve my goal. I’m interested in info tech, music, poetry and article writing but more of a tech guy.

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